Perfectly handcrafted wooden dollhouses with light and furniture

Natural, stylish, durable, educational and creative

Dollhouses Made with Love

Welcome to Katin Domik Dollhouses! We're a family-owned workshop, crafting wooden dollhouses with love and care. This is a piece of our hearts, created for all children as if for our own. That was how we started – with a dollhouse with light and furniture for our family.

A Universe for Play

We don't skimp on the details: dollhouses come with lights, magnetic wall, beautifully designed toy furniture and textiles.

Modern Design

Think perfect Scandinavian style. Lots of light, plenty of space, simple lines and fade colors. That's what our dollhouses is all about. Each detail is meticulously finished by hand: smooth surfaces, hidden fastenings.

Eco-Friendly Chic

We use best quality solid ash – like in fancy furniture, cover it with natural transparent oil certified for children toys. So you can trust that your child will be playing with an eco-friendly and chic dollhouse.

Limited edition

We craft the dollhouses like works of art, made in limited quantities to ensure each one is special. This isn't an average mass-market product—it's a unique treasure.

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