Hi, I'm Nikolay, Kate's dad and dollhouse designer.

When Kate was 3 years old more than anything else she dreamed of a dollhouse. It was a great idea for a birthday present I thought.

I couldn't find the best house in the world. Some of them were too small some too pink and plastic. So I decided to make my own.

I am an engineer and designer, so the house turned out to be durable and stylish. I chose natural wood and safe paints to make the house pleasant to the touch, warm and a bit alive.


My dollhouse’s shape is simple and neat, I wanted my daughter to come up with the main details and add them herself according to different game scenarios. As for a dad, it was important for me that the toy helped my child learn and develop and gave free rein to fantasies.

I added illumination to the house so that it can be played even if the Kate's little brother Alex is sleeping in the room and the light is off in the nursery.

The house turned out in such a way that not only children want to play with it but adults are also happy to join the games.

Kate was delighted when she saw her gift. For many years the house was her main toy, her little world, her property.

Kate got the house of her dreams and I found a mission - to develop and produce toys for children, to find a balance between design, nature and functionality and a child's dream.

We always want the best for our children. By choosing Katin Domik products you will get toys designed and made with love by a caring dad for his family.