In a world where design matters, our modern dollhouses offer a stylish and contemporary twist on traditional play


Realy wooden dollhouses

Our dollhouses are made of warm and pleasant to the touch natural wood, which provides children with a pleasant feeling while playing. With an expensive look and eco-friendly appeal, they're not just toys but heirloom pieces for generations to come.

Solid ash – like in fancy furniture

Best quality wood is well known for its durability, rich grain patterns, and exceptional resilience.

Looks and feels expensive.


Functional Simplicity 

As a follower of Scandinavian design, we believe in the power of simplicity and minimalism. That's why our simple dollhouses prioritize functionality over unnecessary ornamentation.

Each element serves a purpose, from the practical furniture to the thoughtful architectural details.

Simple geometry

Rectangular rooms with high ceilings provide ample space for play.

Lots of daylight

Streams through large windows, a skylight, and a balcony, creating beautifully lit play areas.

details of wooden dollhouse

Hight detail

Big windows with wooden seilings, staircases, canopey, all details add a touch of reality.


Subtle colors

Our dollhouses are adorned in faded light and white hues, complemented by a transparent oil finish that accentuates the natural texture of the wood.

Nothing pink or bright

Nothing that would distract from the game and draw attention away from the main characters.

This color scheme creates a serene and calming environment, perfect for sparking creativity and imagination.

The wood is covered with natural transparent oil. Fiber is dyed with safe water-based acrylic colours. Both certified for children toys.
Katin Domik Dollhouses designer

''Our modern dolls houses serve as blank canvases for children to unleash their creativity''

Nik Strelkov, the author and designer of Katin Domik Dollhouses


Quality craftsmanship

Behind every modern design is a commitment to quality craftsmanship. Our dollhouses are meticulously crafted with great attention to details.

Professional painting

in a special spray booth.

Hidden fastening elements

durable and discreet furniture fittings.

Hand finishing

ideal smooth surfaces, fitted parts without gaps.


And of course innovations

What is modern design without innovations? Introducing features that elevate modern design of our dolls house to new heights. They are really game-changers!

Light in every room and fireplace with a red light

Lights in each room and the fireplace can be turned on separately from each other. Each dollhouse light spot has its own little switcher.

Magnetic wall and furniture

Kids can easily hang shelves, move mirrors – keeping it easy, tidy, and fun!