Don't overpay!

Hello! I am Nick, the owner of Katin Domik Dollhouses. Thank you for visiting my website, glad to see you here❤️

First — my company is real family-owned small handcrafting business. Second — let me tell you how you can buy my dollhouse cheaper.

Crucial point: this is not a promo!

This is an exchanging of some of your comfort for money.

  • 1. Pay the invoice directly (not by card)

    I will make an invoice from my company. You can pay it with the your bank mobile app or at the bank office. The money will reach my company's account within 5 days. For your assurance, there will be an IRS QR code on the invoice so you can verify that I and my company really exist.

    This will allow me to avoid paying the payment processor's fees, which can be 10 percent of the dollhouse price. That's almost a hundred bucks🤯

  • 2. Wait for shipment

    I ship the dollhouse within 2 weeks instead of 2 days.

    This will allow me to choose an ordinary inexpensive and not the fastest courier service that doesn't have the option of picking up the package the next day.

  • 3. Wait for delivery

    Your shipment can go for a month (max) instead of 5 days. It usually takes 1-2 weeks for delivery. You will have a standard tracking number and will always know where your order is.

    This will allow you to pay several times less for shipping than if I shipped by a known branded service.

, then you can save a plenty of money

Buy the three-story dollhouse with lights, furniture and a magnetic wall (same one, I don't have any others) for:

$970 instead of $1310 (save $340) for the USA.

890€ instead of 1190€ (save 300€) for Europe.

Shipping included!!!