It's an investment in unforgettable experiences of your customers

  • Parents and children are delighted, fostering recurring visits

    Child's desire to revisit becomes a powerful draw.

  • Happy families attract new clients

    Personal recommendations and User-Generated Content become one of your powerful marketing tools.

  • Turn decision-makers into regulars

    A dollhouse showcased on your social media or your website serves as an additional incentive for new customers.

The secret to pleased and empressed customers? A very playable dollhouse in kids zone!

Kids love it, and parents adore the moments of quiet it brings. Magnetic walls, enchanting lights in every room, and thoughtfully designed furniture make our dollhouse irresistible. Once kids step into the magic, you'll find it hard to pull them away.

3 floors of pleasure and relaxation for your clients

Spacious 40×40 inches

Plenty of exciting details
From window sills to a real fireplace!

A Complete Set of Dollhouse
Furniture and textile Included

ready to play!

No Compromises in Materials:
Solid Hardwood, Metal, Glass Mirrors

Order dollhouse
  • Wooden dollhouse with light

    Lights in every room and fireplace

    8 lamps can be switched on separately in each room with cute little switches. There is a red light in the fireplace.

  • Magnetic wall and furniture for a dollhouse

    Unique Magnetic Wall

    The entire front wall is magnetic, some furniture also has magnets. This way, the bathroom table, shelves, mirrors and posters can be easily stuck anywhere on the wall.

Brings Scandinavian Chic for Modern Spaces

A visual delight: simple forms, muted colors, natural wood — fits any interior.

  • Wooden dollhouse shelves

    Solid ash – like in fancy furniture

    Best quality Balkan wood is well known for its durability, rich grain patterns, and exceptional resilience. Looks expensive.

  • girl looking through dollhouse skylight window

    Nothing vivid – rest for the eyes

    The wood is covered with natural transparent oil. Fiber is dyed with white safe water-based acrylic colours. Both certified for children toys.

  • wooden toy arm chair

    Always tidy and pristine

    It is easy to care for; artificial leather on furniture and all surfaces just needs to be wiped with a damp cloth.

Create Modern, Friendly, and Caring Image of Your Place

More than play; it's about care. Our eco and child safe dollhouse adds a modern eco-friendly vibe to your business. You offer your clients only the best, including toys.

  • Crafted to Last

    Robust fastenings, double-layered painting, meticulous surfaces finishing, and protective wood oil – quality built to endure.

  • Support and Replacement

    Need a part replaced or extra furniture? We've got you covered.

  • Economical choice

    No batteries needed, powered by electricity. No spending on consumables.

Customization options, themed accessories

Do you need an additional floor, or walls and roof in a different color, or may be branded accessories as dishes or logo embroidery? Share your ideas in the form bellow

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