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Three-story wooden dollhouse with lights, a magnetic wall and a full set of furniture. 1:12 scale

Three-story wooden dollhouse with lights, a magnetic wall and a full set of furniture. 1:12 scale

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Large three-story wooden dollhouse. True, solid and reliable. Lights in every room. Magnetic front wall. Lots of cute details for interesting games.

A full set of furniture is included! 

The Scandinavian-style dollhouse has a cozy minimalism style and great playability.

Playing ability
There are 7 rooms in the dollhouse. Entrance hall and kitchen-studio are located on the first floor. On the second floor the living room and the bedroom. On the third floor the nursery and the bathroom.

Each room has a large window with a wide sill and curtains on detachable curtain rods. The living room has a large balcony behind the panoramic window.
The fireplace can be “lit”. It has a lamp inside you can turn on. The chimney is like real: it has a through tunnel and is always ready for Santa's visit.
The main wall of the dollhouse is magnetic. Shelves, posters and even a bathroom table can be attached anywhere on the wall without glue, duct tape or chewing gum.

Lights can be turned on in each room separately. The light of the lamps is warm and cozy without being dim.

Dollhouse set

A three-storied dollhouse with a staircase, one mobile staircase, two mobile room dividers, a fireplace with a chimney, curtain rods with snow white curtains, LED lamps and a power supply unit.

Furniture set

• Foyer: bench, large mirror

• Kitchen-studio: dining table with 4 stools, kitchen set with sink, metal tap and stove, two large shelves, sofa with pillows

• Living room: 2 armchairs, coffee table, poster

• Bedroom: double bed with mattress and bedding, 3 drawer chest, knotted pouf, rug

• Children's room: bed with mattress and bedding, rack, poster

• Bathroom: table with sink and metal tap, mirror, rack

Paint materials

The wood is covered with natural oil. FIber is dyed with safe water-based acrylic colours. Both certified for children toys.

Power supply 

You don't need to stock up on batteries. The dollhouse runs on a 220V power outlet through an adapter. Inside the dollhouse there is a child-safe 12V voltage.

Readiness for use

The dollhouse is delivered unassembled in a flat pack. You will have a detailed video tutorial on how to assemble the dollhouse. The dollhouse’s building is interesting and not difficult, like IKEA's products.

Package size

Width 85 cm or 34“

Height 35 cm or 14"

Depth 25 cm or 10”

Weight 26 kg or 58 lbs


The dollhouse with light is an electrical device! Must not be played with near water! The dollhouse is not intended for children under 3 years old. Children of any age should play with the dollhouse under supervision. Broken parts of the dollhouse and furniture could be sharp and dangerous: fragments of ceramics, mirrors, wood, metal wire. Don’t leave children playing with the dollhouse and furniture alone .


The furniture set contains small magnets. Children can swallow it. If several magnets are swallowed, they can get stuck in the intestine and cause perilous complications. Unsupervised play by children under the age of 7 is prohibited. Children under the age of 7 must not play with the furniture without supervision!


• solid wood
• edge glued wood panels
• medium density fiber
• steel wire
• 100% cotton
• glass
• acrylic glass
• just a little plastic

Shipping & Returns


Width 92 cm or 36“
Height 94 cm or 37“
Depth 30 cm or 12”
Ceiling's height 26 cm or 10"
Weight 25 kg or 55 lbs

Care Instructions

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