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Three-story wooden dollhouse with lights, a magnetic wall and a full set of furniture. 1:12 scale

Three-story wooden dollhouse with lights, a magnetic wall and a full set of furniture. 1:12 scale

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Large three-story wooden dollhouse. True, solid and reliable. Lights in every room. Magnetic front wall. Lots of cute details for interesting games. A full set of furniture is included! 


The dollhouse is delivered unassembled in a flat pack. You will have a detailed video tutorial on how to assemble the dollhouse. The dollhouse’s building is interesting and not difficult, like IKEA's products.

Package size

85x35x25 cm or 34“x14"x10”

Weight 26 kg or 58 lbs


The dollhouse with light is an electrical device! Must not be played with near water! The dollhouse is not intended for children under 3 years old. Children of any age should play with the dollhouse under supervision. Broken parts of the dollhouse and furniture could be sharp and dangerous: fragments of ceramics, mirrors, wood, metal wire. Don’t leave children playing with the dollhouse and furniture alone .


The furniture set contains small magnets. Children can swallow it. If several magnets are swallowed, they can get stuck in the intestine and cause perilous complications. Unsupervised play by children under the age of 7 is prohibited. Children under the age of 7 must not play with the furniture without supervision!


• solid wood
• edge glued wood panels
• medium density fiber
• steel wire
• 100% cotton
• glass
• acrylic glass
• just a little plastic


Width 92 cm or 36“
Height 94 cm or 37“
Depth 30 cm or 12”
Ceiling's height 26 cm or 10"
Weight 25 kg or 55 lbs

Care Instructions

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Prepare to Be Amazed! Dollhouse by Katin Domik isn't Just a Classic Toy;

it's a place of joy, creativity, and family bonding, a toy that combines tradition with innovation

Spacious dollhouse size

Size Beyond All Expectations – It Is a Very Big Dollhouse

Almost 1x1 meter, 1:12 scale.

Ideal for dolls up to 15 cm/6''.

Wooden dollhouse with light

Truly Illuminated Rooms!

Full lighting – stationary and functional, not decorative.

The dollhouse runs on a 220V power outlet with a child-safe 12V voltage inside.

You don't need to stock up on batteries.

Magnetic wall and furniture for a dollhouse

The magnetic front wall adds a new dimension to play

The magnetic wall is a game-changer! Kids can easily hang shelves, move mirrors – keeping it easy, tidy, and fun! No need for glue, plasticine, or gum to fix things on the walls anymore. It's like magic, but better!

Luxurious Aesthetics: the Dollhouse Brings Scandinavian Chic for Modern Children's Room

A visual delight: simple forms, muted colors, natural wood — fits any modern interior. Crafted with precision and care.

  • Wooden dollhouse shelves

    Solid ash – like in fancy furniture

    Best quality Balkan wood is well known for its durability, rich grain patterns, and exceptional resilience. Looks expensive.

  • girl looking through dollhouse skylight window

    Nothing vivid – rest for the eyes

    The wood is covered with natural transparent oil. Fiber is dyed with safe water-based acrylic colours. Both certified for children toys.

  • wooden toy arm chair

    Always tidy and pristine

    It is easy to care for; artificial leather on furniture and wooden surfaces just needs to be wiped with a damp cloth.

Dollhouse Starter Kit – All You Get When Buy Our 3-storey Dollhouse

Everything your kids need for a fantastic playtime.

  • Empty dollhouse with staircase, fireplace and balkony

    Wooden dollhouse

    3 storeys, stationary staircase from 1st to 2nd floor, balcony and fireplace

  • red light of dollhouse fireplace

    8 light sources + red flame in fireplace

    Lights in each room and the fireplace can be turned on separately from each other.

  • magnetic wall in the dollhouse

    Magnetic wall

    The front wall on all 3 floors is magnetic, and the furniture set includes magnetized pieces.

  • toy furniture set for a dollhouse

    25 pieces of furniture + textile

    Solid oak wood, 100% cotton for textile.

  • curtains on the window of a dollhouse

    Curtains for 5 windows

    Hang on removable metal curtain rods.

  • mobile stair and room divider of a dollhouse

    2 room dividers and staircase

    Attached with magnets and can be moved.

Ready to Play Right Out of the Box!

A fully furnished dollhouse. Toy furniture set arranged by rooms, but can be mixed and matched.

  • wooden toy hallway furniture for a dollhouse: mirror, bench and rack


    • Bench
    • Wooden rack on magnets
    • Mirror on magnets
  • wooden toy kitchen furniture for a dollhouse, dining table


    • Kitchen set with sink, tap and stove
    • Dinner table and 4 stools
    • Kitchen hood on magnets
    • 2 wooden shelves with magnets
  • wooden toy living room furniture for a dollhouse, arm-chairs and sofa

    Living room

    • Sofa covered with eco-leather
    • 2 arm chairs covered with eco-leather
    • wooden coffee table
    • 3 cushions and carpet
  • wooden toy bedroom furniture for a dollhouse: bed with bedding, chest of 3 drawers, magnetic poster


    • King size bed
    • Mattress and cotton bedding
    • Chest of 3 drawers
    • Poster on magnet
  • wooden toy bathroom furniture for a dollhouse: mirror, bathroom table


    • Floating bathroom table
    • Mirror on magnet
  • wooden toy children's room furniture for a dollhouse: bed with bedding, shelf unit, poster

    Kids room

    • Bed
    • Mattress and bedding
    • Rack
    • Poster on magnet
    • Hand-knitted pouf and blanket

Kids Love Our Toy Dollhouse, and Parents Adore the Moments of Quiet it Brings.

There is No Question "How to Entertain Kids" Anymore

  • little girl is playing with toy bear doll in dollhouse's room with high ceiling

    High ceilings

    Loads of room for your child to play, move, and be part of the fun in the play house.

  • toy bear on the balcony of wooden dollhouse

    Large windows, a skylight and a balcony

    More day light inside doll house rooms and extra space for special occasions.

  • Kid playing with dollhouse chimney

    Window sills, stairs, a canopy, and a chimney

    More details more ways to dive into play fun, come up with extraordinary ideas.

Dollhouse living room with toy furniture, lamps on the ceiling, red light in the fireplace

Dollhouse with Lights Make Playtime Truly Bright

Warm shade of illumination creates an atmosphere of coziness and comfort.

Thoughtful placement of lamps – soft, diffused light from ceiling lamps, gently illuminating the play area without glaring.

Convenient switches. Each light and the fireplace has its own, child-friendly size, making it enjoyable for little fingers to click.

Toy interior of a dollhouse kitchen, cups and plates on the shelves

Great Magnetic Things Provide Endless Possibilities for Rearranging and Decorating

Update the dollhouse by moving magnetic room dividers.

Use power of magnets – they keep shelves on the wall, even when loaded with items.

Express your kid's style with freely placed posters and mirrors.

From Imaginative Play to Crafting Unique Decor, Katin Domik Dollhouse Sparks Creativity for Kids of All Ages!

How to play with the dollhouse:

🏡 Build your own world or universe

🎨 Try interior design and holiday decorations

🛠️ Craft special dollhouse decor

📝 Start a blog about miniature world life

Encourage Your Child's Artistic Side – the Dollhouse is a Blank Canvas

Let your kid to craft own decor and attach It with magnets on the wall: flags, photos, paintings, and more! Or paint white curtains – that's why they're white!

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Educational and Developmental Toys – Modern Mom's Choise

More than just play thing, our dollhouse is like a learning buddy. It helps develop thinking skills, spatial awareness, and storytelling abilities – a complete learning package!