Two illuminated Katin Domik dollhouses

Why is lighting in a dollhouse so incredibly awesome?

Firstly, it's fascinating

Kids love playing in a dollhouse where they can turn on the lights just like in a real home

Secondly, it's comfort

They can play without turning on the lights in the room when the younger child is sleeping

Thirdly, it's cozy

The dollhouse doubles as a nightlight, softly illuminating the room with warm, gentle light

Light up any room in the dollhouse!

And light up even the fireplace, whose modern design is worth special attention!

Sleek Scandinavian fireplace design

Authentic simulation of burning coals

Pass-through chimney for Santa visits

All Katin Domik doll houses are crafted with great attention to functionality and comfort.
Lighting is no exception

Flush ceiling lights

The lamps in the dollhouse are recessed into the ceiling, preventing any glare and ensuring gentle illumination

No backlighting

The lamps are positioned closer to the front of the dollhouse, eliminating any backlighting.

Soft ambient light

The diffusers and 2700K color temperature provide warm, ideal lighting for playtime

Clear-click switches

The switches operate flawlessly with a distinct click, ensuring excellent interactivity

Reliable, safe, and user-friendly dollhouse lighting

Bulbs can be replaced with a single hand motion

Powered by an outlet, no need for batteries

The external power supply provides a safe 12 volts inside

Internal wiring keeps cords out of sight

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